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  • LTE 4G: Ensures fast and reliable connectivity.
  • GPS: Provides accurate location tracking.
  • Cellular: Functions as a cellular device for versatile communication.
  • Touchscreen interface with no keyboard.
  • NFC: Facilitates seamless data exchange.
  • Dual SIM Card: Offers flexibility with dual SIM card support.
  • SOS Button: Enhances safety with an emergency alert feature.
  • Channels/Groups: Allows for organized communication channels and groups.
  • Individual and Group Calls: Supports both one-on-one and group communication.
  • Geofencing: Enables location-based boundaries for enhanced monitoring.
  • Encryption: Ensures secure communication.
  • Recording on NXR Platform: Offers recording capabilities on the NXR platform for reliable documentation and playback.


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