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Terms and Conditions

  1. Please ensure that your PayPal address aligns with the designated shipping address, as all packages are dispatched through PayPal.

  2. Prices listed exclude import duties, which may be levied by the buyer's customs authorities.

    Should you find yourself dissatisfied with your purchase, return requests will be honored within 3 days of package receipt. Kindly provide the return tracking number within this timeframe. Returns must be shipped intact via registered post parcel only; we do not accept returns via DHL, FedEx, UPS, or TNT. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs. Upon receiving the return, we will conduct a thorough inspection. If the item is in the same condition as when dispatched, a full refund will be issued to your PayPal account. Damages or issues attributable to the customer will incur corresponding fees.

  3. Payment of this invoice signifies your acknowledgment and acceptance of the above terms.

  4. Please make all checks payable to NXRADIO PTT LLC. For inquiries regarding this invoice, kindly contact us at +1 (385) 310-4010 (Salt Lake City, Utah), or via email at

  5. Sales Policy: Our prepaid service is offered on a single transaction basis. All sales are considered final, and returns are not accepted beyond the 14-day trial period. A return and restocking charge may be applicable.

Thank you for your business!


Please note that warranties cover software for a period of 1 year and factory functioning issues only. Structural damages are not covered under warranty. Any damage or loss incurred is the sole responsibility of the client. It is imperative to understand that warranties are void in the event of equipment transfer to a party other than the primary customer listed on the invoice.

Shipping Policy

We provide a range of shipping options tailored to meet diverse customer requirements, encompassing standard, express, and international shipping. Our meticulous attention to product packaging guarantees safe and secure transit, ensuring that your items arrive in pristine condition. Committed to transparency and customer satisfaction, we equip you with comprehensive information to anticipate and address any potential inconveniences effectively. Additionally, our transparent pricing structure enables you to discern shipping costs upfront, fostering a seamless purchasing experience devoid of surprises. Entrust us with your shipping needs, and rest assured that your products will arrive punctually and in impeccable condition.

Privacy Policy

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